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General Sites

National Kidney federation ('Run by patients for patients')

Huge stock of advice on everything from medical matters to holidays.


.. in fact, their links page at is hard to beat.


The British Kidney Patients' Association is also a good starting point at ('Kidney patients young and old now know they can turn to the BKPA for support, advice and perhaps more importantly, financial help and a much needed break with their families'.)


Also try at


New to Dialysis?


Try the NKF site above (, plus


A recent site which is suited to explaining the various types of dialysis is at


Try the British Kidney Patient Association here:


Need a holiday? - Try these..


Arrangements for holidays


Advice from the Hammersmith patients' site


Mission: "Our primary aim is to help to improve the quality of life for dialysis patients in the UK by providing access to dialysis away from home in the UK via the UK Dialysis Swap Scheme.". See

Local News


Local transplant week in Devon - BBC stories of local patients.


Live donation




Try ('For kidney patients and those who care for them'.) ('Working for better kidney care') ('provide online information about renal patients' diagnosis, treatment, and their latest test results')




     ('For patients share valuable experiences on the subjects of medicine and healthcare. 


Local Members' Sites (want to be included? Contact us)


Ann and Rich Owens


Kidney transplant patients' site for fundraising for EDKPA.




What's happening in other KPA's? -

                   Check these out - you'd be surprised what's going on!


in no particular order...










Guy's & St Thomas


Welsh KPA


Northern Ireland


Nottingham and Notts










South East Scotland


St Georges (Tooting)






North Staffs




Six Counties




European Kidney Patients' Federation


American Association of Kidney Patients






Organ donation in the UK. REGISTER NOW.


Live Life then Give Life - lively site with a good message:


Living donation - excellent site with much information if you have any queries about live donation, including blogs from people who have donated:


NHS Organ Donation Education Website:


Transplant Sports UK:


Transplants In Mind:


Kidney Research UK:


Live donation:


The Choice (BBC Radio 4)

"When Di Franks asked her doctor about donating her kidney, she wasn't sure she would be taken seriously. Because Di wasn't giving her healthy organ to a sick and needy relative.. she wanted to donate it to a complete stranger. Five years ago it was illegal to give a kidney to someone you didn't know in this country.". Captivating listening...:



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