Holidays - we all need them. Patients, carers......everyone.

The EDKPA think holidays are vital to help everyone feeling the best they can, and also for carers who are so often closely involved with dialysis/transplantation, and are vital to us all...



The EDKPA and the units in Devon and Somerset put a high priority on holidays and do everything possible to ensure everyone can have a holiday. Whether you are a pre-dialysis, haemodialysy, PD, CAPD or transplant patient or carer, it’s easier than you think to arrange a holiday. If you need financial help, contact us.




What should I do if I want to go on holiday?


First, contact the nurse or home nurse and ask what you are thinking about – they are the best people to know how to go about it. For example, if you are on CAPD, you will probably need 3  months’  notice if you are going abroad so that the fluid deliveries can be arranged. It’s also useful to know where you can do a change at the airport (most airports are very helpful in providing a first-aid room).




There are also other factors to consider such as holiday insurance. Jean (01884 254260) can provide details of who can be recommended.


Holiday Insurance

For those of you planning holidays and needing insurance, there is a page full of companies that will insurance kidney patients, if you can get on the internet you will find it on Trawl down the left hand side of the page to holidays, then click on insurance. You need to make enquiries at more than one company as prices do vary. There is also an excelelnt site on MoneysavingExpert about holiday insurance for people with pre-exiting conditions. For those of you that do not have a computer but would like this information please ring me Jean Aplin on 01884 254260 and I will print if off and put it in the post to you.

BKPA Holiday Grants


Also, the BKPA are revising their holiday scheme for kidney patients and their families. Instead of booking everything themselves (flights, accommodation), patients can now make their own arrangements or make them through a specialised tour operator such as Freedom Holidays. Only one grant is available per patient every 24 months.

It should be remembered these grants are for patients who would not otherwise be able to get away from it all (they are not intended to subsidise ‘luxury’ holidays.)

The EDKPA realises the importance of holidays, and encourages member to apply for a grant. Please contact Gilad for more details (see ‘EDKPA’ panel at the back for his contact details).



There are also a number of very good links about going on holiday which can help – try some of these (see our disclaimer at the bottom of the page).


Excellent introduction to holidays, including holiday dialysis units in the UK, Europe, rest of the world and also cruises.


New kidney patient website with useful information (and blog) about holidays some of ‘our stories’ for holiday experiences at home and abroad.


If you’ve got the time, probably one of the best sites to look at all holiday articles is on the UK National Kidney federation – go to the home page and search for ‘Holiday’ – there are many, many useful articles for UK patients.


For people coming on holiday to the Southwest needing dialysis...

For visitors wanting to use the dialysis units down here, please see the NHS site about local holidays.


Also, try here for details of dialysis in a N Devon caravan