Want to help out?

There are a number of volunteering opportunities - you'd be surprised at how much fun they can be!

The EDKPA is a third sector, not-for-profit organisation and relies on volunteers to keep it going. People already help in a number of areas (see below), but we always need more help. We need people in the following areas to support the work we do to provide direct assistance to pre dialysis, dialysis and transplant patients.


You don’t need to know much about any of the below areas – we are here to help and make sure you have all the support you need. Try it for a few weeks and see what you think…

We have opportunities for volunteering in the following areas:


     1. Fundraising/Raising awareness

     2. Creating/editing  the regular newsletter

     3. Keeping the website up to date

     4. Mentoring/befriending 


1. Fundraising/raising awareness


What is it?

Anything! It can be a coffee morning, an event at work or helping out at the many events people put on throughout the year. raising awareness includes Getting the message over to the public about Transplantation and the benefits they provide. There are many events already (such as the British and World Transplant games and Transplant Awareness week, but we also have local events (shops, shopping centres, fairs etc) where we put up a stall and invite the public to see what it’s all about.

What do you need?

Enthusiasm, a smiling face and a want to help other people. There are so many types of events that it’s difficult to generalise, but bundles of enthusiasm seems to be the main requirement! For raising awareness, You don’t need to know every detail, because there will be other people who can help, but a willingness to engage with the public does help.



2. Newsletter


What is it?

It’s the main way we communicate with our member, and currently is produced four times a year. We send out a version electronically, and also a paper version for those who do not have web access.

What do you need?

The ability to use Word and create small articles (usually sourced from patients/friend themselves) and an enthusiasm for writing. Most articles originate from patients (or scanning the web), and you would have to take these and put them into a style suitable for the newsletter. If you would like to take a look at a few newsletters, please just email Nick, who has produced the newsletter for the last few years.


3. EDKPA Website maintenance


What is it?

Keeping the EDKPA website up to date, including news articles, calendar etc. Although not necessary, basic editing of photos is useful (cropping etc).

What do you need?

A little experience in web editing. If you can use Word well, you should be OK. the website supplier has a simple web editing interface which makes it easy to add and change pages, and add photos etc.


4. Mentoring/Befriending


What is it? 


It can take a number of forms, from visiting patients while on dialysis or simply meeting up with a group of members in a café (one patient already does this very successfully). If you are a patient or know about dialysis/transplantation, you could mentor people in the Association. 


What do you need?


For example, a transplant patient can help enormously by talking with people who have just started dialysis. Also, many dialysis also informally mentor other patients new to dialysis. It’s a difficult time, and mentoring can help people get through this.


Think you can't do it?


You can!!! Everyone's apprehensive at th beginning, but everyone finds it rewarding and well worth while. If you feel you would like to just try any of the above for a small period to see if you like it, please contact us at info@edkpa.org.uk. It’s very rewarding work, and as more people want to work in the third sector, is a useful door into the world of volunteering.


Thank you, and see you soon!