Interested in research as a Kidney patient?

Sharon Huish (our Renal Dietician Team Leader)

 is planning a new study and is looking to set up a meeting with patients; Sharon hopes to gather our thoughts, and learn from us, to improve the study design. You can find more information here here

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CORONOVIRUS TESTING - Written for kidney patients and transplant patients

There is also an excellent page on Kidney Care (here) for guidance for people with kidney disease.


Covid-19 – Need support?    If you are a member of the EDKPA, there are a number of ways we can support you:

Local Citizen's Advice Exeter


We have a bespoke service just for EDKPA members which we fund for Citizen’s Advice Exeter (CAE). The team are aware of the issues of kidney patients and have provided telephone support for our members for a number of years, and continue to do so throughout this period.  See this page for details of how to contact us




Local EDKPA Support

If you have a need as a result of being a kidney patient, please contact our secretary Jean Aplin (01884 01884 254260. For more details, see this page.




Support Via Email

If you want to contact us by email, please complete the section on this page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible




National Kidney Federation

The NKF provide a number so you can chat to one of their advisors about any concerns. 




Your Local Newsletter

You can find the most recent newsletter here. If you would like to sign up membership and receive it, please complete the form on this page.



The Chairman, Secretary and committee send this best wishes to all members at this difficult time. 


Let us know what we can do.



See some of the people below who make the EDKPA what it is today...


So what do we do?


We pay for an Information and Advice Service with Exeter CAB, enabling members to have a bespoke service for dialysis/transplant patients. We do this as we have no social worker and patients can now get the best advice on a number of aspects of life on dialysis/post-transplant, including financial (e.g. benefits) and legal issues.


Ria Taylor's (CKD Clinical Nurse Specialist and Renal Young Adult/Transition Nurse) we fund part of her salary because we believe that her position is vital to enable people to manage their way through dialysis, and realise their potential. She hosts many events including activity breaks for members.


We provide and replace televisions/remotes on the units - there are approx. 36 (Sid ward-Heavitree-Honiton-Barnstaple-Torbay).Remotes alone cost approx £1000 per year, including a rolling schedule of replacements (the NHS do not pay for televisions).


The newsletter and website.  The newsletter is our main means of communicating with our members.  Whilst we have cut costs as far as possible by sending this out by email some members still prefer hard copies with the additional costs that involves.


Social, fundraising and raising awareness events: For example, the summer party, organ awareness week and numerous other events.


One-off purchases and grants e.g. the purchase of dialysis machine and other essential hospital equipment.


EDKPA  Secretary.  An invaluable service to our members both in organisational terms and often being the first point of contact for anyone wanting to be in touch.


Subsidised trips- e.g. weekend/day trips and trips to the pantomime.


We provide financial support members taking part in the transplant games (4 this year)


We pay for an interrupter for a young deaf boy to take part in the annual activities weekend £350 (That is half the cost, Kidney Care pay the other half.


We have a fund which we can help patients quickly.